Every day is a brew day - 24th March '18

10:30 - 13:30


This 3 hour session will give you the knowledge & skills necessary to make informed decisions on how to make better brews at home.

Suitable for complete beginners & others wanting to improve on their home brews.


The class will be broken up into 3 sections;


Knowledge is power;

·         Understanding origin, processing varietals & roast style

·         Variables in brewing – FUNdamentals

·         Choosing a recipe


A Bad Tradesman blames his tools;

·         How to pick the right

          brewer for the job

·         Improvisation techniques

·         Advanced tools for a

          better brew


Rinse, Repeat, Brew;

·         We will get a chance to brew

·         We will use a variety of brewers

          covering a pour-over,

          immersion & steep & release

·         Taste the differences

          between them


We will also have a Q&A session

A bag of coffee to take home after the course is included!


This class will have a max of 8 participants, if demand is higher we will add more days.

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